Login before Review of Advanced Customer Reviews!

By default, anybody can write a review, how to only allow the customer who has placed an order and has logged in to write a review? Enable Advanced Customer Reviews and click configure, besides “Who must be allowed to add reviews”, choose “Customer who bought product”, clicks “Apply Change”, done! If only let registered customer […]

X-cart Product Image Is too Wide under Mobile!

If we set “Maximum product image width” and “Maximum product image height” too big, say set “Maximum product image width” to 500, and set “Maximum product image height” to 250. We can visit the product image at product page properly via pc, but the product image will be too wide under mobile phones.

How to let X-cart redirect to product page directly?

At www.loupesusa.com ,  several categories only have one product. The default category will only display one product, that make the category looks very ugly, I think if a category only has one product, we can hide the category, when a visitor click the category, the category url will redirect the detailed product page directly. How […]

How to display 3 latest articles at homepage of x-cart v4.7.4?

First step, edit postauth.php which is under root folder. Find $pages_menu = func_query(“SELECT * FROM ” . $sql_tbl[‘pages’] . ” WHERE language=’” . $store_language . “‘ AND active=’Y’ AND level=’E’ AND show_in_menu=’Y’ ORDER BY orderby, title”); $smarty->assign(‘pages_menu’, $pages_menu); Add the following codes below them: //dental loupes faq begin $pulled_articles= func_query(“SELECT * FROM ” . $sql_tbl[‘pages’] […]

Clean Url first letter for X-cart

How do i change the link http://www.cheapglasses123.com/Prescription-Sunglasses/ with http://www.cheapglasses123.com/prescription-sunglasses/ ? Here is a way to do it with .htaccess or httpd.conf: http://www.askapache.com/htaccess/rewrite-uppercase-lowercase.html You could write a mysql query that would change all the entries in the database using the Lower() function: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/string-functions.html#function_lower

X-cart 4.4.0 show Extra fields at different places

For example, we set up 2 Extra fields, if we want Extra Field shows at header, and Extra Field shows at its original place. Do as follows: Let Extra Field original place show Extra Field 2 data: 1. Go to skin/common_files/modules/Extra_Fields/ and open: product.tpl

How to duplicate product options of X-cart?

If some of our products have part or all the same product options, how can we duplicate them in one time? If we can do so, we will save a lot of time. For example, as we know, all eyeglasses lenses are devided into single vision glasses, bifocal lenses, progressive lenses. We can not input […]

X-cart v4.4.0 shows Customer Feedback at header

How to show Customer Feedback at header of detailed product page? 1. Go to skin/common_files/modules/Customer_Reviews/, creat a filed called vote_reviews_header.tpl, and open it. 2. Add the following code in vote_reviews_header.tpl: