Remove “Join Date” from Vbulletn 4

Go to Admin –> Styles $ Templates –> Search in Templates; Search for text “{vb:rawphrase join_date}”; Deleted {vb:rawphrase join_date} related code.

How to change forum.php to forum root of vbulletin?

If you like to change forum.php to forum root  when you use vbulletin v4, you have to take care 2 steps: 1. Redirect forum.php to  index.php. You would remove the current index.php file, rename the forum.php to index.php, then in the AdminCP->Settings->vBulletin Options->Forum Home Page Options, set the first option to index.

How to Reset the vBSEO Control Panel Password

Because we seldom log in vbseo control panel after we have set our vbbuletin forums, we are easily to forget the vBSEO Control Panel Password. Sometimes we want to modify the password, we can not find any places to modify. How to then? First you must open your vbseo/resources/xml/config.xml file using dreamweaver, or other text […]

Display vbulletin latest threads on an external page

We can using an RSS feed to display our vbulletin latest threads on an external page. Let me explain how to to achieve this. For example, we want to show latest posts at your page. 1. Add the following code to the .php page you plan to show your latest vbulletin posts.