How to generate all strings with 3 lowercases

In order to let you understand my php code easily on how to generate all strings with 3 lowercases, I will share the code with you on how to generate all 26 single letter from a to z; next generate all strings with 2 lowercases, ie, aa, aj, gz; finally i will tell you the […]

Change Drupal 7 Alt Test for Site Logo

Login in Ftp, and go to themes/Your_Theme_Name/templates, open page.tpl.php file under your theme folder. Around line 92 to 96, you can find the following code:   <?php if ($logo): ?>         <a href=”<?php print $base_path; ?>”><img src=”<?php print $logo; ?>” alt=”home”/></a> <?php endif; ?>  >

How to remove meta name=”Generator” of Drupal 7?

Edit includes/ removed these three lines by putting // // ‘name’ => ‘Generator’, // ‘content’ => ‘Drupal ‘ . $version . ‘ (’, // $elements[‘system_meta_generator’][‘#attached’][‘drupal_add_http_header’][] = array(‘X-Generator’, $elements[‘system_meta_generator’][‘#attributes’][‘content’]);

Clean Url first letter for X-cart

How do i change the link with ? Here is a way to do it with .htaccess or httpd.conf: You could write a mysql query that would change all the entries in the database using the Lower() function:

X-cart 4.4.0 show Extra fields at different places

For example, we set up 2 Extra fields, if we want Extra Field shows at header, and Extra Field shows at its original place. Do as follows: Let Extra Field original place show Extra Field 2 data: 1. Go to skin/common_files/modules/Extra_Fields/ and open: product.tpl

2 Skills about WordPress

Here let me show 2 skills on how to use wordpress well. 1. show all sub-categories at its parent category page; 2. get rid of “no categories” if a category does not have sub-category. For the first, there are 2 method, one does not show sub-category is the sub-category deos not have post: <?php $this_cat […]

Remove “Join Date” from Vbulletn 4

Go to Admin –> Styles $ Templates –> Search in Templates; Search for text “{vb:rawphrase join_date}”; Deleted {vb:rawphrase join_date} related code.

How to show a certain post at homepage?

Sometimes we need to show the short description of new post from certain category, say, we want to show the latest post description from category is 29, and only show at homepage only, how to do then? Here are the code for you, you can add them at proper place, say header.php: Here “if (is_home()) […]