Clean Url first letter for X-cart

How do i change the link with ?

Here is a way to do it with .htaccess or httpd.conf:

You could write a mysql query that would change all the entries in the database using the Lower() function:

To get it to be lowercase from now on automatically:

Edit /common_files/js/check_clean_url.js
Look at line 69 and find:
to_field.value = from_field.value.replace(/[\&]/g, ‘-and-‘).replace(/[^a-zA-Z0-9._-]/g, ‘-‘).replace(/[-]+/g, ‘-‘).replace(/-$/, ”);

Change it to:
to_field.value = from_field.value.replace(/[\&]/g, ‘-and-‘).replace(/[^a-zA-Z0-9._-]/g, ‘-‘).replace(/[-]+/g, ‘-‘).replace(/-$/, ”).toLowerCase();;

All we have done is added “.toLowerCase();” to the end of the JavaScript expression. This will work for all new products you create that don’t have a clean url value. Or if you remove the Clean URL and make some change to the product name than it will rewrite it for you.